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Angela Hitomi Skye Crandall Okune was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii singing from the age of two with her father. Angela expanded her singing repertoire through over ten years of performing at the Musician’s Union (Studio 6). Upon moving to Washington, DC to study at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service,  Angela joined the jazz band where she mastered big band tunes with the twenty-piece band. After graduating with honors in 2010, Angela moved to Nairobi, Kenya where she worked for five years studying the use of mobile technologies for development. Angela returned to the US in 2015 where she is now based at the University of California – Irvine working on a PhD in Anthropology. 

Angela’s Hawaii Music Award winning solo debut album SHINE was released in 2007, but her first time recorded was at age six, singing “The Glory of Love” on her father’s, “Soothsayer.”  Her rendition of “Sophisticated Hula” with the Hawaii Jazz All-Stars for KHET’s (Hawaii Public Television) Na Mele series has replayed on-air in Hawaii numerous times.  She also contributed to her father’s “Last Takes with Rory.”